Sing with me

and forget the past

Sing for your future

sing with all your heart


Sing in your spirit

let songs flow in and out

choose a melody

take it and fly away


Let music fill your soul

sing and be happy

Sing about the runrise

with its warmth and light


Fly away from sadness

from every loss and bite

Sing yourself happy

dance with me a ride


I sing for I believe

flying away from grief

Life with its miracle

surely is not an obstacle


I lost myself

completely in Gods love

adoring this eternal pleasure

singing: how good is live.


Sing in the rain

sing in the sun

sing in the train

making always fun


Serving and loving

What a high treasure!

Complete gain forever

in silence glow my eyes


Sing and play

Take life easy

Become and be yourself

in great joy


  F.O. 3-2002